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What is truly the easiest way to lose weight and what are the best diets? Are there any guaranteed tricks to make those extra pounds just go away?

I think you know the answer is no. However, according to a leading consumer magazine, there are diets that make more sense than others.

That study shows that Americans are completely obsessed with weight issues. The survey, found that 43 percent of American adults (93 million) are currently trying to lose weight. Almost half (46 percent) of all women are trying to shed weight, compared to one third (36 percent) of men are dieting.

Consider for a moment what is available today when you search for best diets. Please remember that this is only a partial list.

Jenny Craig

Atkin’s Diet

Weight Watchers



The Zone Diet

Ornish Diet

New diets are sprung on us almost daily. The weight loss industry is huge and will even stretch the truth to get you to buy their latest and greatest product.

As you can imagine not all diets and products work for everyone. You may have to go through a few to see if the product works well with you and how your body reacts to that particular plan. You probably share some of these diet requirements:

·Lose weight fast

·Gain muscle and increase tone

·Become a healthier individual

·You want a plan that will speed up your metabolism.

Money back guarantee- Most of these products do offer 100% guarantees.

While reading this article please understand that this should be the beginning of your research, NOT the end. Hopefully, you will find topics that you wish to learn more about.

Losing weight is not an easy task no matter what diet or weight loss program you start. You must make strong commitments and really desire to improve your life.

No article on best diets could be written without including a section on fad diets. This is a list of just a few of the fad diets that have been popular recently; Cabbage Soup Diet, Green Tea Diet, Negative Calorie Diet,Lemonade Diet, Raw Food Diet and the Perricone Diet.

The plain and simple reason most diets and weight loss plans fail is because they are unsustainable. If, for instance, you ate cabbage soup a few times a day, how long would it be long before you would be reaching for something else to put into your mouth.

There is no reason to start a diet if it’s just lasts for a short period. You must change your eating habits for life! It has been proven that there is no need to reduce the calorie intake to less than the body requires.

You can lose weight by removing the extra intake of food. It takes many calories to keep a body big and fat. If you cut down on these calories you will lose weight slowly. Therefore, the food intake when you want to lose weight need not be less than that necessary to maintain an ideal weight.

The best diet is one that you are happy with and which supplies necessary nutrition. It is very important to learn to only eat as a response to physical hunger and not use food as a drug to reduce anxiety brought on by stress.

Today there are many alternatives to just dieting.

Some amazing programs have been developed by well known doctors that work hand and hand with the best diets.

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