Ways to Take Creatine

Many people prefer and recommend different ways on how to take creatine. Studies show that you get up to a 60% great cell uptake of creatine if you mix it with a sugar base such as fruit juice.

An expert has advised me to never take creatine with orange juice, as it negates the positive effects due to it’s acidity. If you a prone to upset stomachs it is recommended that you take with with cranberry juice to help alleviate the upset.

Creatine shuttles, the theory is that in order to maximize the effects of creatine, it is vital to take with a simple carbohydrate. This will promote an insulin spike which will “shuttle” creatine into your muscles. The basic ingredients in a shuttle contains cretine and dextrose.

So I hear you asking “Why use a shuttle?”

Although it may be more expensive, it is purely for convenice. 1kg containers can be sold for $25-40, and you will get the best of 1 month from a 1kg container of a “shuttle”.

When should I use a “shuttle”?

It should be used on your training days to boost the creatine and dextrose into your muscles, either before or during a workout. On non-training days you should only take your regular creatine supplement.

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