Hyaluronic Acid Meta-Analysis

In a meta-analysis conducted to test the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid, twenty randomly conducted trials to compare the therapeutic effects of intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid to treat osteoarthritis of the knee were made. The outcome of pain with activities, pain without activities, and function were all observed and measured to determine the safety and the improvement of the patient by using hyaluronic acid as compared to the placebo treatment.

The test conducted showed that although hyaluronic acid can help maintain the synovial fluid and makes the knee more bendable and the cartilage between the joint more elastic, there was only minimal improvement compared to the placebo treatment. There are very few significant improvements in pain and function outcome with few adverse events. The positive effect of hyaluronic acid as a treatment to osteoarthritis was greatly overestimated. It is theorized, though, that the highest molecular weight of hyaluronic acid may be more effective than the lower molecular weight.

A separate test showed that hyaluronic acid in powder form can be used as the next-generation anti-aging supplement. It can be applied to damaged skin and used to treat rough skin surface and skin dehydration. In fact, with its ability to draw and hold water, it is very effective in hydrating the skin and can be used as a moisturizer. It forms a thin transparent viscoelastic surface film, resulting in healthy skin texture and a very youthful look. It helps the regeneration process of kertinocytes, decreasing wrinkles, lines, darkened spots and other signs of aging.

Hyaluronic acid is also used as an eye drop to aid the healing of the cornea that has been abraded by contact lenses. The eye drops help relieve eye discomfort. It is also used to induce the tissue healing in the eye, especially after cataract surgery.

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