Eliminate Seborrehic Dermitisis, Use Herbal Products

Seborrheic dermitisis is a skin disease with symptoms of red patches and flaking skin. This happens due to overactive oil glands that produce too much oil. The excess oil patch attracts a specific yeast growth causing these skin symptoms.

You can see an example of it even in children – cradle cap in infants. The infant develops thick, yellow patches with crusty scales that can not be easily removed. It disappears by itself by the age of three and does not cause itching. While in adults these scaly formations can be seen on the face, on the eyebrows, scalp and behind the ears. Adult seborrheic dermatitis is embarrassing, itchy and shows symptoms of increased dandruff.

There are different types of seborrheic dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis is one variation. It is a type of skin lesions which looks very severe though its benign and is also known as barnacles. Usually, lesions arise from the upper layer of the skin known as epidermis. These lesions do not go deep into the skin but cause redness and are very itchy. They can be surgically removed, if needed. However, it is best to leave them as they are benign growths.

However, most of the patches of seborrhea are on or near the scalp and can be treated with specific shampoos to reduce the symptoms. Shampoos that contain salicylic acids, selenium sulfide and zinc pyrithione are known to be very effective. In the case is severe then you may need to take dermatologists advice and maybe go in for steroid lotions or intensive shampoos containing coal tar.

But it is always better to try a healthier, chemical free option to treat your skin diseases. Some herbal remedies work wonders specially application of tree tea oil or lemon oil. Just add a few drops of these essential oils to a natural herbal shampoo and with this mix, wash your hair frequently. You can also make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and dilute it in equal proportion in water. Apply this mix to your head, massage it well on the scalp and let it remain for sometime. Wash it with warm water, rinse thoroughly and repeat it every day till Seborrhea reduces.

You can also use mild medicated shampoos in less severe cases that are available in local stores. However, it is best to show it to a doctor if you find no relief from dandruff shampoos and herbal remedies.

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