Cold Sores Home Remedies and Practical Cures


There are several cold sores home remedies that are known to be effective. Individuals who are prone to having cold sores should benefit from these natural cures. Treating cold sores should be taken seriously because they can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.

One of the commonly used cold sores home remedies is ice. Application is simple. Apply ice along the affected area. Treat them by slowly rubbing the ice for a few minutes to the infected area of the skin. Repeat application every hour.

Another choice for cold sores home remedies are tea bags. Simply apply the tea bag on blistered skin within several minutes. Repeat after one hour. Doing this on an hourly basis maximizes its effect. Modify this method by gently pressing the warm bag over the affected area or blisters for about half an hour.

Salt can also relieve and treat cold sores. Using your slightly moistened index finger, apply common fine salt directly on the cold sores by gently pressing on them for about 30 seconds. Pressing the fine salt on the affected area can help you treat the blisters more effectively. To achieve faster relief, follow up this procedure with application of aloe vera or any topical oil directly over the area.

Direct application of lemon balm or extract is also one of the cold sores home remedies. Lemon balm or extract is effective in reducing the symptoms associated with these. Furthermore, lemon extract has properties that are known to help increase the healing process of blistered skin.

Eating the right food works well with cold sores home remedies. As much as possible, it is best to stay away from salty, acidic and processed foods. Avoiding chocolates, oats, grains, peanuts and seeds can also do a lot of help. Instead, it is better to eat foods that are rich in vitamins A, C and E. Coffee and tea should also be set aside when treating them. Eating fresh fruits and leafy veggies can also promote a stronger resistance against skin problems such as cold sores.

Proper hygiene is an important factor. Keeping your hands and skin free from bacteria and irritants can prevent contamination and further complications. Cold sores home remedies become more effective when combined with proper hygiene. Make sure that you are using clean towels and clothes.

Natural methods that can cure common conditions such as cold sores are not only practical, they are also cost-effective. Get to know more practical tips on how to effectively treat them the natural way by visiting my blog today.

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