Body Acne & How To Prevent It!

The first thing that usually comes to mind when it comes to acne is facial acne. Acne that is on the face is visible to pretty much everybody but there is another type of acne that most people do not talk about because it can be covered up by clothing and it is body acne.

Body acne is just as prevalent as facial acne but you do not hear about it as much because people know how to cover it up and keep it from becoming visible. Just as many people suffer from body acne and it actually tougher to treat than facial acne because there are not as many products devoted to curing body acne.

Body acne can be caused by the clothing you wear and can also be prevented by changing the style of clothes you wear. If you wear tight fitting clothes you may want to get you some looser fitting clothes. Tight fitting clothes tends to trap the skin and will not let it breathe and will further body acne.

If you are an athlete or work out than you want to make sure you shower after the workout. Use mild soaps and do not scrub the body as this can lead to redness of the acne. Sweat can actually help with body acne by opening up the pores but if you do not cleanse the skin after sweating it can further clog the pores.

Body acne is an issue that many people have to deal with but you do not hear about it as much because people tend to talk about it less. If you have body acne rest assured that you are not alone

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