Is Your Lingerie Ensemble Complete?


Before you can answer that question, you must be familiar with fashion basics, and the basics of purchasing and wearing sexy lingerie. True, if you wear something sheer, short and sexy, you will get a reaction from your lover. Like wearing a tight pair of jeans, it’s a no brainer.
However, for the full impact, to create passion, to send your lover up the wall with desire, you need to advance from an outfit, to an ensemble.

When we talk about lingerie you must first be familiar with the 3 missions of lingerie, and the 3 creations of lingerie. The three missions are;

  • 1. Flaunt it- Enhance your special features.
  • 2. Hide it- Cover those less desirable portions.
  • 3. Pretend you got it- Beef up portions that need it.

The three creations of lingerie are;

  • 1) Mystery- Make your lover wonder what is hidden.
  • 2) Excitement- Peek your lovers interest.
  • 3) Tease- Drive your lover crazy!


Once you have an understanding of how all 6 features work, then it’s time to move on to the advanced course of ensembles.

First you must understand what an ensemble is. The dictionary definition is as follows;

Main Entry: en·sem·ble
Function: noun
Pronunciation: än-‘säm-b&l, ä n-
Etymology: French, from ensemble together, from Latin insimul at the same time, from in- + simul at the same time — more at SAME
: a group producing a single effect: as a : concerted music of two or more parts b : a complete costume of harmonizing or complementary clothing and accessories.

Pay close attention to the underlined portion. Harmonizing or complementary clothing and accessories. Many of you ladies are already familiar with this concept. When getting ready to go dancing, and you want to look your best, you would not dare just throw on a dress, a pair of shoes and walk out the door. You already know that to be your sexiest you need the full ensemble. You would not dare wear a dress without the matching shoes, the perfect earrings, necklace, handbag, stockings and proper makeup. Yet, when it comes to getting ready for the dance of love, many of you will simply throw on a sheer babydoll, a gown with slits up to there, an alluring bustier, a figure flattering corset, a bra set with a garter belt, or, a tantalizing teddy, strike a seductive pose, or shake your junk, and leave the rest up to your dance partner.

Yes, this will work, you will get a result. Just like hailing a taxi will get you where you want to go. But, if you want to get there in style, you take a limo.

For true elegance, style, and sex appeal, you need the proper accessories to work in harmony with your sexy lingerie. You need to complete your ensemble. Your accessories must complement you, and your lingerie.

Are you ready to create unbridled passion and desire? If done properly, you will be in control of your lovers eyes. You will direct your dance partners glaze in a specific order. Your lover will be your puppet on a string. You will make your puppet dance to the beat of your drum. Your puppet won’t even know that there were stings.

Accessorizing starts with your make up and hair. Don’t think “day at the office” think “passion, seduction, and fantasy” .

Planning is key. Just as when you were selecting your sexy lingerie, you must consider what you want to accomplish. Hide it, flaunt it, or pretend you got it. Rhinestone jewelry does wonders for this.

Direct your puppets glaze. As an example. If your wearing a cleavage enhancing bustier, you want your lovers eyes to start at your face, move to your neck, and plunge into the depths of the crevice. Rhinestone earrings and a V shaped rhinestone necklace will accomplish this. The earrings should dangle from the ears and point to the neck. The necklace should drape across the top of the breast accenting the shape and giving definition.

If you want your lover to notice your tight abbs, then a bra set and rhinestone belly chain will direct his line of site, and make him wonder what treasures await him.

A rhinestone bracelet will allow you to move his gaze wherever you desire with a simple wave of your hand. Caress your body and watch his eyes follow your hand with lustful intensity.

The magic of hosiery. You are probably familiar with fish net stockings, and thigh highs. Have you ever looked at fence net, spider web, or tattoo stockings? The world of hosiery has advanced into a technology of it’s own. I could write an book on hosiery, and probably will. Matching stockings will work in harmony with your ensemble, enhance your legs, and hide flaws.

There are so many ways to create a harmonious ensemble, that I could not possibly list them all. I hope I have started your creative juices flowing, and shown you how important it is to accessorize your sexy lingerie.

Be creative. It’s your body, it’s your dance. Think about what effects you want, and then create them. If your not sure how to do this, then good sales clerks can be helpful, don’t be afraid to ask. We are alway available to help you with your selection. Answer any questions honestly, and we can take your ensemble to harmonies that will make your lover wonder what hit him.

Jim and Edie own and operate Hot Stuff Leather and where you can complete your Sexy Lingerie Ensemble [].

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