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Bustiers are a very versatile and sexy piece of Lingerie, yet they are often confused with different types of lingerie. So what is a bustier, what types are there and how can they benefit you. Read this article for information on bustiers.

History of the bustier

The bustier originates from France, the name comes from the French word “buste” which means “bust”. The bustier was created in the 1950’s and was originally called the long line brassier, as it is basically a bra that extends down to the tummy. Just like basques, the bustier was derived from a corset, due to this there is normally some confusion between the three types of lingerie.

Often confused with…

… corsets and basques. These three items are similar in many ways however once you know the differences it’s easy to tell them apart. The differences between a corset and a bustier, the bustier is shorter than the corset and is not designed to shape the waist like a corset, it is designed to shape the bust. A basque is more similar to the corset it is over bust, but has fewer bones than a corset and is not as restrictive. The bustier shows your tummy off, whereas the basque and corset hide and control it.


A Bustier is generally constructed of two parts, the bra and the material extending down the abdomen. Most bustiers will be like wearing bra, they will have under wire, the cups will be very similar to a bra and the support will also be very similar. This part of the design enables the bustier to push up and support the breasts, creating amazing cleavage.

There are all different types and designs of bustiers, there are also lot of different types of materials used, so you can easily find a bustier with the right material to suit you. You can get them in different lengths, with built in cups, you can even find ones with bones in them. The sort of materials used to make bustiers are silk, satin, lace, leather latex and even fur.

Usage Now

The bustier is now used in many different areas, whether you are wearing one under a strapless dress or even as a top the bustier has become one of the most versatile pieces of lingerie out there. Designers are using bustiers on the outside of dress and as tops to create a flattering sexy piece of clothing. Of course the bustier is still used for our bedrooms, making us girls feel glamorous.

Bustiers are so versatile that you can even wear them as a top. You can have conservative or revealing designs so it really is a type of lingerie that can work with any body shape and any confidence level.

Since more comfortable materials have been made, the bustier has made a massive come back. Now the bustier is supportive, figure hugging and comfortable making it a very desirable piece on lingerie.

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