Fashion and You scam is a marketing strategy


Online shopping has become the number one choice for shoppers because of its simplicity and convenience! With a click of a finger, you can have new clothes, a new phone and even a book, delivered right at your door step within a span of few days.

It’s simpler to browse,Fashion and You scam is a marketing strategy Articles simpler to buy and the best part of it is there is no rush or a need to wait in line at the cash counter to purchase your choice of product.In today’s time people don’t have much time to go shopping, also it consumes lots of time to actually browse the entire clothes collection section in a mall or a boutique. So therefore to facilitate the need conveniently, fashion and you has introduced an online shopping portal where people can experience E-shopping. While shopping online, selection becomes easier as you can browse a particular section of clothes or any product. Fashion and you caters to you a very unique and innovative way of shopping, E-Shopping!

Though fashion and you is a very famous portal, there have a lot of defamatory reviews against the site. The most common Fashion and you complaint is that the clothes are not dispatched in time; the delivery cycle is not at par. At fashion and you, each and every product has to undergo a strict quality inspection before being dispatched to the customer, ensuring products with the best quality. This very well could be a reason for the delay in delivery, but customers should understand that, as this is for their own good. Instead, People who have do not receive their delivery on time just crib about and circulate reviews stating Fashion and You Scam.

Other Fashion and You fraud complaints are about the promotional messages, mails and newsletters sent by the portal. These messages are meant to keep the customers updated of the new products and discounts schemes that customers can avail on Instead of taking advantage of these services provided, people crib and criticize about the irritations caused by such messages. This clearly showcases the mentality of an Indian customer toward information and even clarifies Fashion and You scam is just a scam sham!

One more common Fashion and you Scam complaint is that the items delivered are of lower quality. This is nothing but a strategy of competitor to badmouth and defame people about fashion and you to turn the potential customers away. Fashion and you provides genuine branded and authentic products, which are accompanied by an authenticity certificate provided by the manufacturer. In case any product gets damaged during shipping, fashion and you replaces the damaged product or refunds the customer according to their choice.

Fashion and you has captured a huge and unexpected customer base of 800,000 followers in a very short period of time, due to the amazing marketing campaigns provided by the portal. As a result, the systems get strained and fashion and you is trying its best to improve them to fit for their customer base. Fashion and You fraud is just a defamatory attempt and customers should be patient and considerate in case of fashion and you complaints, as they will never get such branded stuff at low prices anywhere else on the Internet.

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