Boho Skirts – The Cargo Edition


The bohemian look is all about function and fashion combine together. That is why I like strutting the boho look than any other look. Like for example,Boho Skirts – The Cargo Edition Articles you can wear Boho skirts and look femininely good without sacrificing any valuable pocket space and the comfortable feeling. How to do that you might ask? Just wear Cargo boho skirts. Cargo skirts are my most favorite Boho skirt. These casual skirts have ample, expandable pockets for all of your needed trinkets, and the casual styling means that they’ll match nearly everything. It’s time to go cargo!Cargo skirts can come in long or short styles. Long cargo skirts often have more pockets that short styles, and those packets can expand to carry an amazing amount of material. Shorter cargo skirts also have pockets, but these pockets may not be practical for carrying things. In fact, in some short cargo skirts, the pockets are there for decorative purposes only.

Tops to Wear with Cargo SkirtsCargo skirts are meant to be worn for casual occasions. They shouldn’t be worn anywhere that has a dress code that’s slightly formal. Many schools ban cargo skirts altogether, as they are seen as much too casual. Before you wear your cargo skirt to school, check the dress code. Cargo skirts look great with equally casual tops. Balance a short cargo skirt with a long-sleeved tee shirt, to allow you to cover up at least some of your exposed skin. Conversely, balance your long cargo skirts with short tank tops. Cargo skirts can be a little boxy and formless, so make sure the top you choose is tight-fitting. Wearing a boxy shirt with a boxy skirt is a quick way to look like a box yourself. If the weather is chilly, throw a tight-fitting sweater on, but avoid any bulky coats or jackets. If you’re wearing your cargo skirt in lieu of carrying a backpack or purse, fill your pockets with your needed items and check yourself in the mirror. If your pockets are too full, you’ll have a bulging silhouette that is simply not attractive. Remove a few items from your pockets to help smooth the rough edges.

Shoes to Wear with Cargo SkirtsYour shoes should also be casual. Cargo skirts look great with ballet flats, preferably in the same color as the skirt. If you’re planning on doing a lot of walking in your skirt, consider comfortable boat shoes to complete the casual, active look. Steer clear of heels or wedges with this look. Those shoes are too formal and too high to wear with such as casual, working outfit. Boots of any sort should also be avoided. Keep your legs completely bare, if possible.

Accessories to Wear with Cargo SkirtsStraw hats make a nice addition to a cargo skirt outfit, as it implies you’re heading out on jungle safari. Look for chunky necklaces that fit this theme, with bone, amber or shell accents. Wooden bracelets also look lovely with cargo skirts. Wear only one large piece of jewelry at a time with your cargo skirt. You’d like the focus of attention to be on your legs here, not your loud jewelry, and you’d like to give the impression that you’re a carefree person out for an active day. Cargo boho skirts are perfect for girls who want to be feminine but not really. I know you feel what Isaid. We feel that every once in a while girls.

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