Vintage Engagement Rings are Gaining in Popularity

In today’s culture, items such as jewelry are becoming more ornate and expensive. The cost does not necessarily translate to quality. When a man is ready to propose to the love of his life, he wants to give her something special and unique to show just how much he adores her. That is why many couples are turning back time and purchasing a vintage engagement ring.

A true vintage engagement ring is defined as a ring that is between thirty and fifty years old; however, rings older than this, which are technically called antiques, may be sold as vintage. These rings are generally more ornate than newer rings and often contain large stones. The appeal of this type of engagement ring comes from the vastly different styles available. Many women are able to find a vintage engagement ring that fits their personal style more so than the engagement rings that are mass-produced today. The stones are considered to be of higher quality than newer engagement rings. It is necessary to examine a vintage engagement ring thoroughly before choosing to purchase it.

How to Purchase a Vintage Engagement Ring

As with any engagement ring, it is important to look for the “four C’s.” These are clarity, color, cut, and carat. The clarity refers to the visibility of flaws in the stones or in a better clarity, the lack of visible flaws. The color obviously refers to the color of the stone. There are several grades of colors when it comes to a white diamond. The cut of a vintage engagement ring is going to be different than with newer rings because they were cut by hand as opposed to the laser cut rings of today. The carat refers to the size or weight of the stone.

A vintage engagement ring can be purchased from multiple sources. People often sell these rings as part of an estate sale, at a flea market, through an online auction site, a consignment shop, or through a jeweler. Obviously, the best place to purchase a vintage engagement ring is through a reputable jeweler. If the ring is for sale through another dealer, then make sure to have it checked by a certified gemologist before you buy it. If this is not possible then it is probably best to walk away from the ring lest you be disappointed with it in the future.

While the stone is the most important part of the engagement ring, a vintage engagement ring is likely to have a more detailed setting and will be more easily broken, scratched, or tarnished than newer rings. Check the setting thoroughly to make sure the stones are set securely and will not be lost. Be extra careful with a newly purchased vintage engagement ring because it will be delicate and need extra care. Unlike a new engagement ring, a vintage engagement ring can show a lot of thought and effort and is a great way for a bride and groom to start a successful life together.

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