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A lot of women see charm bracelets as more than just trinkets used to accessorise an outfit and make it more fashionable. For some of these women, charm bracelets are milestone markers, a way of commemorating a significant event or achievement in a woman’s life. Thus, the charms on such a bracelet can be looked upon as badges of honour that a woman takes pride in wearing.

Actually, charm bracelets can say a lot of things about the life of the woman wearing them. You can compare them to photograph albums, with the charm on each link of such gold bracelets or silver bracelets serving as a token of any important occurrence in their wearer’s life.

Memories that Charm Bracelets Can Hold

It varies from person to person just which memories are significant to her and which are not. This is why gold bracelets and silver bracelets with links for charms enjoy their popularity. These bracelets allow their owners to customise them the way they want to.

For example, a woman who loves to travel can collect charms from every destination she has been to and put these charms on her bracelet. A miniature of the Eiffel Tower can stand for Paris, the Big Ben for London, the Statue of Liberty for New York City, and so forth. Simply looking at these charms can evoke memories of holidays in these places and show the woman wearing them as a person who is well-travelled.

On the other hand, a woman who is centred on her family life can fill the links of her gold bracelets or silver bracelets with charms that are related to her marriage and family. For instance, she can put an engagement ring charm and a bouquet charm to commemorate her engagement and wedding. She can also put a pink pacifier charm for the birth of a daughter or a blue pacifier charm for the birth of a son. A bicycle charm and ballet shoes charm can be a memento of the time her child learned to ride the bike and the first time a daughter attended ballet class.

Giving a Fine Jewellery Charm Bracelet to a Young Lady

Because a charm bracelet can be treated as a receptacle for mementos, it is not uncommon for older women to give a young lady of their relation or acquaintance a charm bracelet as a gift on an early milestone event in that young person’s life, like her high school graduation or her 18th birthday. The gift can be a bracelet of any design – perhaps a simple chain or a style along the lines of Celtic jewellery. The charm bracelet itself can have one or two starter charms that celebrate the event when the bracelet was given, like a miniature of a graduation cap or the number 18. These charms are intended to get the young lady started on collecting charms for her bracelet.

Charm bracelets are lovely trinkets that have proven popular today. However, the reason behind their popularity is not just because they are beautiful. They are popular because they can be customised and serve as token holders for mementos of significant milestones in a woman’s life.

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