Know Your Birthstones and Their Corresponding Months

Whether you simply need to reference a particular birthstone, or if you are just now exploring birthstones and their corresponding months, Charming Life Designs has compiled this handy reference for you. In some cases, you will find some discrepancies with other lists. The birthstones listed below are believed to be the stones of choice, by many.




Garnet – This birthstone is most commonly a deep red. In ancient folklore, it was believed to have magical properties, assuring the wearer of love and faithfulness.



Amethyst – This relative of quartz can be found in varying purple tones. In ancient Greece , it was believed to protect one from the effects of wine!



Aquamarine – In the same family of Beryl stones as emeralds, “aquamarine” means “sea water.” Reminiscent of the clear blue ocean, gazing into this lovely stone has the power to transport you to remote island beaches.



Diamond – Those with birthdays in April are fortunate to claim diamonds as their stone. Originating from the Greek “adamas,” meaning indomitable, diamonds were believed to offer protection and strength in the face of adversity.



Emerald – Beloved and admired for their bold green hues, emeralds evoke wonder for the natural world. Sacred to the Goddess Venus, this stone has been linked to fertility and creativity.


Gemini Pearl -A unique, organic process is responsible for the creation of pearls inside the shells of mollusks. While symbols of innocence in ancient Greece , today they have come to represent tradition and simplicity.



Ruby – Derived from the mineral corundum, rubies can be more valuable than diamonds when flawless! Associated with royalty and the power of life, rubies have been highly revered for thousands of years



Peridot – The electric green of August’s birthstone makes for radiant and exciting jewelry. It is no wonder that this stone, found in lava, traditionally was associated with the sun and endowed with many mystical powers.



Sapphire – A cousin of the ruby, Sapphires most traditionally are an intoxicating blue. Virgos can enjoy wearing a stone connected with vision, purity, and spiritual enlightenment.



Opal – Opaque white stones with rainbow color hues that dance upon the surface, the opal’s complexity can be breathtaking. In ancient times, opals were highly valued for their shocking beauty.



Citrine and topaz. According to ancient folklore, citrine connotes a sense of balance and well-being. Topaz, originating from the Sanskrit “tapas,” means to glow, and jewelry adorned with topaz does just that.



Tanzanite – While Turquoise is often used as December’s birthstone, now celebrate this month with Tanzanite. Discovered in Tanzania in the 1960’s, no other gem has become so popular so fast. Found only in one hilly area of Tanzania , this striking, purplish-blue stone is a gem of rare beauty.

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