Is it a Real Jewelry Armoire?

There are many different things that need to be looked at when buying a jewelry armoire. After reading this article you will be able to discern between a high quality jewelry armoire and a cheap imitation of a high quality jewelry armoire.

The first thing that most people would think that we need to look at would be the price tag. Wrong, the first thing that we should be looking at is the material that the armoire is made out of.

A good way of telling if the armoire is of high quality is to smell it. If the box smells like a forest with a very sappy and piny smell then it is more than likely made from pine. If the wood smells like a cedar hope chest then it is made from cedar, and if it smells like a sweet and sour candy then more than likely it made from the cherry tree.

The next test that can be used while observing the armoire is the fabric test. All that you have to do is to look inside and see what kind of material is covering the inside of the box. If the material is that or silk, satin, or velvet then there is a pretty good chance that this is going to be a fairly nice armoire.

After the first two things I will usually look at how the armoire is put together especially at if it is pegged or nailed or glued. This one small thing can tell you a lot about the quality and for the most part how old the armoire is. If the wood worker used wooden pegs instead of nails then this is indeed a very nice or old jewelry armoire. This one thing will tell you the true quality because it can only be done by the hands of a skilled wood worker.

The price tag is the last thing that I look at when inspecting an armoire. The reason that this is, is because all of the other things stated above are a parts of the armoire, but the price tag can be added to or subtracted from. For this reason it is the last thing that I look at.

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