Eternity Rings – Can True Love Last Forever?

Eternity rings are a brilliant way in which you can tell the one that you love that you want to stay in love with them forever, however, this is the question that we must answer, can true love really last forever?

Critics may argue that if you are going to buy an eternity ring, then surely you must believe I the existence of everlasting love, otherwise you may a swell get a plain ring; this is hardly the point of eternity rings, yet it does raise an interesting question.

Now, with one in three modern marriages ending in divorce, there is more and more mounting evidence against the existence of everlasting love, so it may be all the more tempting not to invest any money in a trinket of love and save it for the court fees!

However, this is a sad point of view to take and by just looking around you at the relationships that inhabit the world can re-instill your faith in love and happiness; sure, not every relationship works out, but a lot do and even if they do fall apart, at least two people shared what love they had for a certain amount of time.

If everybody continues to interact with each other, even if it is in a ‘serial monogamist’ fashion, there is a continuing cycle of love; sure, it’s better if you find one person and stick with them, but you have to prepare for a rockier road than that of the movies!

So, whether you truly believe that your love with your current partner will last forever and a day or will peter out and you will have to find someone new, the very act of giving someone an eternity ring will continue this cycle of love that everybody in a relationship is perpetuating.

This may all seem a little silly, or a bit of a Valentine’s Day con, but it is one theory that, if adopted by more people, could help to make a lot more people happier, so why not go out and check some eternity rings out, whoever they may be for?!

If you do want any eternity rings, then you could do a lot worse than searching the internet for some of the great offers that are available on certain online sites; go and check out what’s on offer and get your eternity ring today!

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