Emerald Rings Forever

The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever. Herb Caen

However, this is not the case of gemstones. Immortal emerald gemstone, ceaselessly allure men, and women towards themselves. Moreover, sealing the bond of your love with your mate, with this beautifully resplendent gemstone is an added jewel for your relationship.

One of the most important moments in a person’s life is matrimony. Couples nearly fret while choosing right wedding ring for the bride-to-be. Wandering through every jewelry store in order to seek glam and sparkle with a favorable bargain is the first priority.

Apart from most splendid vintage look, trends show that traditional designs in emerald engagement rings are preferred too. Like this round emerald and diamond three-stone ring with pave diamonds in white gold. Provided at wholesale prices, this is one of the designs which, the wealthy class at during Pope Innocent III, were innovated. Originated and evolved from a simple cast of plain metal band with studded gemstones, they were tagged as sentimental gems that became the literal synonym of ‘expression’.

The year 1447, due to the engagement of Mary of Burgundy to Archduke Maximillian of Austria, was testimony to the invention of first emerald cut engagement ring.

Similar to this recorded fact in the pages of history, Angara’s exquisitely carved fresh new designs in emerald rings, is being brought to customers.

Divine yellow-gold setting with nature’s perfection, emerald, and diamond channel-set band ring is a versatile engagement ring for couples in love. This emerald ring would definitely seize your love, within its captivating gleam, on her fingers.

For much grace and appeal, oval emeralds and pave diamond border three-stone ring in white gold, is a suggested option. The three-stone setting doesn’t let others shift their eyes off, from total allure provided by the gemstone.

A perfect blend of chromium and vanadium, emerald produces its vibrant color. It is stable against light and heat. This dichroic rock is rarely clean and come with inclusions. However, the flawed rocks are treated before being polished or cut.

People of today, who prefer much fancier designs than mentioned above, can go for pieces like emerald and diamond band. This emerald makes a part of a much coveted emerald engagement ring collection, which is made available at prices pretty affordable.

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