Criteria For Selecting a Bustier

For many centuries the bustiere or most commonly known as the bustier, is a article of women’s clothing that is essentially a piece of lingerie. Yet a bustier can be worn over a dress or even with a pair of jeans. A bustier functions to add an alluring shape to a woman’s body and works to eliminate flaws, by pushing up the bust and tightening the upper midriff, thus shaping the waist. Though to get the desired effect, you must remain careful that you employ the correct criteria in your search for the perfect bustier.

First and foremost, be sure that you select the correct bust size. Your bustier needs to be the right cup size that you commonly wear. If you select the right cup size, then the rest of the material should fit and form nicely.

Considering that this is article of clothing that will be in direct contact with your skin, also pay attention to the fabric that you choose. It is always best to buy the highest quality of fabric you can afford. A quality made bustier will not only be comforting on the skin but it will increase the silhouette of the figure and last you for a lifetime. There are many types of fabrics to choose from, choose a texture that you are comfortable with. However if you are someone who tends to sweat profusely, you may want to stay away from any PVC style fabric. Also if you have sensitive skin, choose a fabric that will allow air to pass and allow your skin to breath.

The design you choose will consist of one or two things; either how much you are looking to slim and/or the need for straps. For many years bustiers were strapless, nowadays you can purchase one that comes with straps. If you are wearing a strapless dress or one that is designed with an off the shoulder look, a strapless bustier will be your choice. If you are slender you can opt for a shorter version of the bustier. But if you desire to minimize the waist or stomach area, go with a longer version, as it will tighten the area and give a slimming effect.

Bustiers come in two different closing styles, front and back. It used to be that bustiers closed from the back, but now you have styles that will allow you to close in the front. This typically is a preference for the wearer, but a front closing design is a lot easier to use if you are by yourself with no one to assist you.

Please note that with all the tempting visual effects a bustier can provide, this type of lingerie is not known for being the most comfortable to wear. Yet if you follow the tips in this guide your increased comfort is guaranteed.

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