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Jewelry has always been a very important part of many occasion like weddings, engagements anniversary etc. It not only help in making the occasion more exciting but also have many sentiments and values attached to it. Every little piece has a story behind it. Historic significance and the cultural influence that they carry can also not be ignored which have also impacted the modern look.

In Latin “Jocale” means plaything and the word jewelry has originated from jocale. But they are more than just plaything. In many societies they also symbolize a person’s status. In old days these jewelry pieces where treated also as a currency. It also has lot of religious significance in many cultures. They are worn by people to protect themselves from evil and bad spirits.

Each piece symbolizes something, like a crown is a sign of royalty. Anyone wearing a crown is considered to be belonging to the royal family. The religious symbol like the cross depicts faith and trust in the great almighty. Every person can have a different interpretation as per their personal outlook.

Jewelry was worn before also when the precious metals like gold, silver were not discovered. In those days to beautify oneself grass, bones, stones, semi precious gems etc where used. Each piece was stringed together to give various shape and design. The look was cruder as there was not much of carving done on the pieces.

Most Irish jewelry is inspired by traditional Celtic symbols. Mostly inspiration is taken from plants, animals, spiral, knots and other commonly found designs. Every make has a different meaning attached to it. You can find many designs but one common thing that all have is that it does not have a beginning or an end.

In today’s modern time most of the design inspiration is taken from the ancient Celtic symbols like the sword, shields and is transformed into a contemporary Irish jewelry. There are few common designs that have become very popular and can be found in everywhere like the studs of Triquetra. Other designs like the Celtic knots decorate the pendants and the bracelets. Many couple are interested in buying these as they not only are good to look at but also have a symbolic meaning.

The Triquetra is a Celtic symbol for the Trinity which has three folds or dimensions. These three folds in Trinity is the Holy Father, the Son and the Holy ghost especially for the Catholics. In ancient time it was said to be the water, land and sky or in related to time it was the past, present and the future.

People are these days not only buying gold, silver and bronze jewelry but they are also attracted towards buying semi precious stones. Plastic, glass to make the pieces look shinier has been replaced by the semi precious stones which helps in beautify it more. Although they have added to the cost of the jewelry but still consumer is willing to shed extra amount for these little pieces of trinkets. There are many stores promoting Irish jewelry online trying to reach more and more people.

You certainly want the best for your partner that is why you are giving him/her celtic jewelry. It not only brings good fortune to its wearer, you create a bond of lasting friendship. Or you may want to try silver claddagh ring.

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