Cash For Gold – A Treasure Hunt in Your Own Home!

Once you’ve gathered up all your gold, use a free, postage-paid envelope provided by any one of the many companies that offer this service and send it in. You’ll have cash for gold in just a few days. Skip the middle man and get the best price for your old, broken and unused gold jewelry.

Everyone needs cash these days. Wouldn’t you like to get some cold hard cash for the old gold jewelry you have sitting in a drawer somewhere? I know that in your house some place you have those old gaudy earrings or the big gold chains leftover from the disco days. Take a walk around your house and gather them all up. But don’t go running to your local pawn shop send them to us. We will give you top dollar. You will most likely have more money than you think lying around in your jewelry box or dresser drawers. Simply send them off to us and we will get you out a check immediately. You have extra money to pay off those nagging bills. How great is that?

Any article can add up lightweight gold chains, gold bracelets, gold rings or gold earrings can be valuable. When you want to figure out what your jewelry might be worth it is all about the grams. The more grams of gold you have the more cash you will receive. When you looking for something of value don’t confine your search to just fine jewelry. Perhaps an aunt or uncle left you a gold coin or a gold tea service. Don’t forget about broken gold watches, broken jewelry, or even dental gold. Yes believe it or not those dental fillings are worth cold hard cash. So there may be cash hiding in all those old items you have been overlooking all these years.

Once you have searched high and low and found all those trinkets and bobbles just locate one of the many cash for gold websites and contact them. They will send you a postage-paid envelope for you to put your gold in. Send off the envelope and they will have your cash in just a few days. It’s safe and reliable so don’t wait contact us soon.

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