Beautiful Mommy Jewelry Can Also Have Unregulated Proportions of Lead


Exhausted of the same old gifts that your creative mind comes up with on every occasion? Then go for the hand crafted custom made necklaces for a mother. The best gift that you can give to a new mom is a beautiful pendant with the name and birth date inscribed on it. This is the most innovative, loving and heartfelt gift that you can give and mothers would cherish it. It would signify the importance of the greatest joy of a mother’s life. She can wear it always, close to heart, as a remembrance of the most auspicious occasion of her life. No mother would want to part from such a gift and would happily use it all throughout her life long after her child has grown up. Moreover, you can also add charms and messages to the inscriptions on the necklaces.

Mother’s necklaces are also available with double pendants. You can inscribe the name of the child in one and the name of the other in the other. You can also customize the pendants with small photographs of both mother and child. Apart from necklaces, mommy jewelry includes pearl bracelets, silver bangles, and birth bracelet.

Pearl is something that every woman likes. Pearl is available in different colors and sizes. A pearl bracelet with a pendant with the name of her child engraved on it can be an ideal present for any mother. Silver bangles can also be personalized with different designs and the name or rather the initials of your child engraved on it.

Check on the quality of the products before buying them. Beware of toxic jewelry that is cropping up in the stores these days. Yes, even jewelry can contain harmful toxic elements, and new moms should be especially careful. Babies have the habit of putting things into their mouths and mothers should be careful about what jewelry they are wearing while handling their little ones. If a child puts a piece of ornament treated with toxic elements into his mouth then he might face harmful effects. Even kids’ jewelry is being treated with toxic chemicals. A test conducted by the Health Canada has found unregulated amount of lead in several pieces of kids’ jewelry.

Thus, you can gift beautiful ornaments to a new mother with touching messages inscribed on them. These pieces are available in gold, silver, pearl and other gems also. You can walk into a store like Chase’s Treasures and select a good piece of mommy jewelry to gift to someone special.

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