Tips For a Better Hair Care

There were days when no clues were available for maintaining your hair. Now you will be going through the facts and tips for better hair care:

o Heat has to be decreased

It is a general practice to use blow dryers to dry the hair. By allowing it to dry naturally you give a break from the heat, in other words you are reducing the potential damage heat can do to your hair. The resultant effect of this hot air is dryness and breakage to your hair. The hotter the dryer the more breakage will occur to your hair. It is always better to set the temperature of the hair dryer blower to the lowest. This will help to keep your hair healthy.

o Flyaway Hair

This is common where there is low humidity and dry climate. Static electricity and having rough hair cuticles at the outer layer of the hair cause this ‘Flyaway’. By moisturizing the hair through the use of an alcohol-free hair conditioner this ‘Flyaway’ can be further decreased.

o Your Hair Vs Crash Dieting

Yet another reason for your hair loss is severe dieting. Avoid crash diets because they can lead to significant hair loss. A sensible way for reducing the weight is by increasing the exercise levels and reducing the calorie intake.

o Arrest the Hairline pimples

You have to prevent the breakouts on hairline by keeping the hair care products away from your scalp and secondly by wearing a baseball cap or a clean hat that is not very tight to trap the dirt and sweat.

o Good Bye to Dandruff!

The general cause for the dandruff is an increase in Pityrosporum yeast that is a normal inhabitant of the skin. The other causes are:

o Oiliness of your skin

o Stress

o Heavy drinking

o Certain drugs

Different types of medicated shampoos could be used daily or 2-3 times a week by leaving it on the scalp ideally for 5 minutes.

o Grey Hair

As we become old our hair turns grey because the cells at the root of the hair produce less melanin which is the cause for the pigmentation. This is a slow process and usually occurs between the ages 30 and 60.

o Sudden Hair Loss

If you suddenly start losing a lot of hair it could be a symptom of illness. Rush to the doctor to have a thorough check up.

o All about my Hair!

You will be surprised to know that 13% of your hair is made up of water. When it becomes dry it looses its ability to stretch and breaks off. By trying moisturizing shampoos and hair conditioners this could be controlled to a certain extent.

o It’s only Hair – Do not boil it!

When you use heating tongs or the hair dryer on damp hair keep them away at least 12 inches from your hair so that you will not boil the water in the hair shaft.

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