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Many individuals around the world face the problem of hair loss at least once in their lifetime. The reasons vary from person to person. For women it can happen during menopause whereas for men it can occur even in teenage years. One thing is certain. When you start to lose your hair you start to lose your confidence.

Hair loss can be a very embarrassing especially for women. This can occur in some cases due to stress and of course as you start to lose your hair you begin to get even more stressed. Some women may also have this problem due to malfunctioning of the thyroid gland which is responsible for secreting some essential hormones required to maintain good health.

Menopause and childbirth can also be two crucial stages in a woman’s life wherein she can experience the loss of hair. One who is undergoing treatment for cancer can also start to lose their hair due to the radiation effects from chemotherapy.

Since the reason for hair loss is different in different people, the cure can also be different. Initially it is better to opt for natural remedies for curing hair loss, as this will reduce the possibility of side effects.

The biggest tip I can share with you is this, time is of the essence. The minute you experience any loss of hair you should immediately jump into action. If you leave it go too far you may not be able to recover the hair that has already fallen out.

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