Over 80 Clinical Studies Prove New Apple-Derived Treatment Improves Hair Without Side Effects

Japanese researchers have discovered a substance from apples, apple polyphenols or procyanidin B-2, that is effective for regrowing hair. After studying over 1,000 botanical extracts and conducting clinical trials with double-blind studies, the results were quite conclusive.

o 78.9% of subjects showed an increased mean value of hair diameter

o The number of terminal hairs and total hairs was “significantly increased” compared to the control group.

o The research team concluded that “topical procyanidin B-2 is safe and effective in curing male pattern baldness.

The product has been studied worldwide. The prestigious British Journal of Dermatology observed that procyanidin B-2 seems to promote hair growth by prolonging the anagen phase (active growth phase) and shortening the telogen phase (resting phase) in the hair follicle cycle. The result is increased hair growth.

Another study discovered that “The procyanidin B-2 nearly doubled the hair growth of minoxidil (Rogaine).”

More important perhaps is the absence of harmful side effects. In over 80 different studies, there has been an absence of harmful side effects. We’ve all heard about the benefits of an apple a day, but who knew that apples would also grow hair?

So why is procyandin B-2 so different from other hair growth solutions? Most hair solutions work to block the production of DHT, a male hormone. The downside of blocking DHT is that it is needed for libido.

Procyandin B-2 blocks the production of TGF Beta, a degraded form of DHT. It is actually this TGF Beta that causes the hair follicle to shrink and the hair to fall out. TGF Beta is not needed in sexual function. This makes procyandin B-2 a safe solution for hair loss without the sexual side effects that can occur with other productions.

Up to now about the only documented methods to combat hair loss have been minoxidil (Rogaine) and propecia. Unfortunately, they have a range of unpleasant side effects, including sexual dysfunction. There are a number of “natural” treatments, but most of their claims are anecdotal.

The double-blind studies are quite compelling and procyandin B-2 gives people a valuable safe option when considering the best way to regrow thinning hair, and correct the problems of alopecia (baldness).

Procyandin B-2 is available for sale under the name Apple Polyphenols, and comes in both capsule and topical forms. You can go to [http://www.HairRex.com] to register for a report detailing the scientific studies that have been conducted. HairRex offers a six-month money-back guarantee on both the capsule and topical application. You can also call them at 1-800-381-2576

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