Laser Hair Removal Versus Hot Wax Hair Removal!

Of all the methods of hair removal out there, people usually choose the ones that will last the longest and that will hurt the least. Ironically enough, all the hair removing treatments that will last relatively long are the same ones that hurt! Among two of the longest lasting hair removal methods are laser hair removal treatment and hot wax hair removal treatment. And while it may seem like they do the same job, i.e., removing unwanted hair, they both have very stark differences.

Advanced technology lasers and light sources are rapidly changing hair removal treatment. They are the newest modality for the rapid, gentle removal of unwanted hair that provides gentle, non-invasive and long-lasting solutions to unwanted hair. But while several designs are already in use, relatively little is known about the very long term effects of laser treatment, so it is difficult for doctors to advise with certainty that laser treatments are 100% safe. However, what is known so far is that laser hair removal is not for everyone. People with very darkly pigmented skins absorb too much laser energy and are not ideal candidates. Also tanned patients with light hair are not candidates, and tanned patients with dark hair should wait until their tan fades before they are treated.

The absolute requirement is that one’s hair must be darker than the surrounding skin. But the biggest problem with laser treatment as a method of hair removal is possibly the cost. Experienced laser centers that have already developed expertise in laser hair removal treatments can cost anywhere from $500 per treatment session, or more depending on the size of the area that hair is to be removed from. Individual consultation with the laser center is necessary to obtain exact pricing, but no less than four treatment sessions are initially conducted.

On the other hand, using hot wax as a treatment for hair removal is a significantly less costly than laser treatments and usually lasts much longer than other temporary methods of hair removal like shaving. Possibly the best part about hot wax treatments is its effectiveness in up rooting hairs and giving an ultra clean and soft look and feel. What’s more is that waxing often makes hair grow back sparser, lighter and thinner every time it is done. Now while hot waxing treatments are easily accessible to everyone unlike laser treatments, their commonality is that they are both not for everyone. Hot waxing is a great method of hair removal undoubtedly, however there are some people who are absolutely intolerant to pain and other people who tend to react badly to hot waxing.

In the case of the latter, severe irritation of the skin has not been uncommon in people, often leading to breaks in the skin and subsequent infections. Unnatural swelling, ingrown hairs and other bumps may appear on skin, especially on people who have sensitive skin. The hot waxing process can be much more tolerable, where both pain and irritation are concerned, if the professional doing the waxing is competent and proficient as any error on the part of the professional can lead to skin being burned or scaled by overly hot wax, or skin being unnecessarily irritated due to unhygienic practices. So while waxing salons and centers are readily available, it is important to ensure that these places are registered to some health body for accountability purposes and licensed to legally operate the salon or center.

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