Hair Loss Products That Actually Work

Dealing with hair loss when rest of the world seems richly gifted with hair, can be difficult. And among your options are, shaving your head and going for any of the numerous hair loss remedies available in the market.

A shaven head looks great on many. It is the “in thing” these days. But many of us would keep it as a last move. So, given that you have rejected the clean-head look, the only open course is to try some hair loss remedies offered by many reputable companies in both the prescription and non-prescription categories. Some of these work and many don’t, while there are some that work marginally. Their effectiveness depends upon individual cases. However, experimenting too much is also not advisable. So, the “magic pill”, so to speak, is yet to come.

Rogaine (Monoxadil), Proxiphen and Avacor are some of the leading products in this area. Their success rate varies from person to person. On some heads it might be able to grow hair like they had never gone, and on others they might have no effect at all, and then there may be some on which the effect is marginal.

Hair loss is so common that the number of companies offering hair loss products is simply amazing. So, we have a virtually inexhaustible collection to choose from. There are cheap varieties and the expensive ones. But none of them come with a guarantee of any kind. Their high-sounding claims are mostly accompanied by the disclaimers saying that the effect varies from person to person which actually means that you could be among those on whom the remedy has little or no effect.

Several vitamins have been specifically formulated to check thinning hair and induce their speedy growth. These vitamins usually are combinations of various amino acids, vitamin B6, vitamin E, biotin and Zinc. The advantage is that they promote thicker, healthy and lustrous. But they do not help hair re-growth much. So, if you are seeking something to re-grow your fallen hair, you should go for a supplement that focuses on hair re-growth. You may also try hair transplant if the supplements do not work with you.

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