Hair Loss Chemotherapy Remedies For You

Finding a remedy for hair loss after receiving chemotherapy treatment may be long term or it may be short term. This depends on how long the chemotherapy treatment you are expecting to combat the cancel cells in your body. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that hair loss chemotherapy issues will happen in order to kill the cancer cells that are within you.

This article will go into what preventive measures you can take to lessen the physical and psychological toll that hair loss can bring upon you.

I hate point blank statements that infer that just because you are going through chemotherapy treatments that you will lose your hair. Hair loss does not happen in all cases and is really determined on what the dosage of radiation that you will be getting along with any other prescribed drugs that you have to take. If you do end up losing hair, it can be sudden or it can be slow or it can not happen at all. No matter what, if you are going through chemotherapy and if you do expect to lose your hair you can offset the psychological aspects by expecting it. This will lighten your psyche and now you can prepare for it even though it may not happen.

So if you have not experienced hair loss before your chemotherapy treatment you can rest assured that your hair loss is not genetic. For that you should be glad in knowing that hair loss will be a temporary glitch in your life. Get the cancer cured and your hair will come back. Get that attitude, keep it and you will be normal before you know it.

Here are some preventive measures that you can take in order to lessen the psychological blow of losing your hair because of chemotherapy treatment.

If you find out from your doctor that his analysis reveals that you will definitely lose your hair you can start by altering your hair by having it cut short. Having your hair cut short before you lose it will help you get used to the idea plus show other people that you have accepted short hair in your life.

Wigs…If you truly expect the worst where most of your hair will fall because of the chemotherapy treatment then purchasing a wig is a good idea. The trick here is to purchase the wig before your hair is gone. This will allow the hair stylist to match hair strands and color to your existing hair and best be able to match a more natural wig when the time comes. You might get a break in costs by finding out whether or not your health insurance company will cover the expenses of the wig due to your treatment.

Caps and scarves…Cheap, fast, and easy to use. Most certainly one of the easiest and fastest ways to cover up your head. There are specialized stores that cater to people going through chemotherapy treatment and if you want to go this route then check out your selection. You just might be allured to this option.

This article has meant to be informative and offer you some alternatives to hair loss chemotherapy issues. I encourage you to talk over any decision that you make with your personal physician for the best qualified opinion that you can get. Checking out hair loss forums in this area of interest is also immensely informative into the insights of what other people have tried and posted their results will help you determine the best course of action that you feel comfortable with.

Know that it is not too late to regrow your hair. So many people give up the idea of ever having their hair grow back to what it once was. Give yourself a chance now by clicking here [].

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