Pink Hatters – Who Are They?

Have you seen any young beautiful women dressed in pink hats with lavender clothing? As members of the Red Hat Society, we refer to these women as “Pink Hatters.” These ladies are the “Red Hatter’s” little sisters, all under the age of fifty, also known as “Ladies In Waiting.”

Ladies in waiting? What could they possibly be waiting for? Pink Hatters are waiting to turn 50 years old to join in all the fun and silliness, and support of the Red Hatters. In case you haven’t heard, The Red Hat Society is a social group for women over 50 who wear red hats with purple outfits. Red and Pink Hatters have a lot of fun playing dress up with their fancy hats, boas, clothing, pajamas, etc.

When a Pink Hatter reaches fifty years of age she is invited to a humorous “Red-u-ation Ceremony. During this ceremony the Red Hatters wear pink and lavender to honor their Pink Hat sisters. This is a big day for the Pink Hatter as the pink hat is taken of her head and is replaced by a red hat that now symbolizes a new phase of her life. Some of the Red Hat groups pass the pink hat on to a new lady in waiting.

Why do ladies want to be a Red Hatter? Many ladies reach a time in their life when they would like to have a little fun, meet new people, go on outings, luncheons, travel, dress a little silly and just have the mutual support system of their fellow Red Hat sisters. Women deserve a little fun after spending most of their lives raising children, taking care of the home, and working. Some women who live alone welcome the chance just to make new friends.

Some women even become a Pink Hatter in their twenties just to join in on all the fun and in anticipation of the day they will become a Red Hatter. One young Pink Hatter in her twenties gave up three months of electricity so that she would have enough money to attend a Red Hat convention in Disneyland last year. She said that she loved it and would do it again too!

Red and Pink Hatting is really a lot of fun. We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!

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