Looking Toward the Future: Fashion Week Fall 2007


Before you know it, summer will be over and Fall will be here. You can never start planning your Fall wardrobe too early. Looking toward the crisp, cool season, designers are filling up Fall fashion with fresh ideas.

Vera Wang illuminated the Fall runways with an early-twentieth century Russian inspired collection. Full of shearling, military jackets, sturdy boots with medallions, and babushkas, Wang’s new line is eye-catching and memorable.

Wide belts are now considered a fashion faux pas. The new look for Fall is going skinny–thin belts are now the highlight of any outfit. The fresh skinny belt can dress up any dress, coat, vest or skirt and be in line with fashion’s trend.

Gray hit the Fall runways, but with enhanced color. Charcoal and anthrocite made gray the electrifying color of fashion. Arriving in a variety of luscious fabrics, gray will be the most stimulating color of Fall, especially when combined with beading and crystal highlights.

Femininity is back with Fall’s revival of the hat. From wide-brimmed styles to fedoras to top hats, lady-like hats are in style once again. There’s no better way to dress up your wardrobe than with a hat that speaks womanhood.

Slouchy, free pants are quickly taken over the trend of skinny pants. Featured with oversized knits and roomy jackets, slouchy pants are the new sexy of fashion.

Tracy Reese is creating modish style for the legs–black tights and patterned hose are filling in the gap between the hemline and the shoe. The crisp Fall season no longer has to mean freezing from bare legs. The new tights and hose will not only keep you in style, they will keep you warmed to the bone.

Another way to keep warm and stay in fashion is with faux fur in the form of full length coats, short jackets, and trimmed cuffs, hoods, and hems. Look toward H&M for a full collection of the new trend. Also, oversized cardigan coats, dresses, and chunky pullovers are warming up the season. Shown with metallics and tweeds, this warm, roomy wear is no longer just for jeans.

Designers are making getting ready for Fall fashion 2007 a cinch. With most designs as a means to look to the past, keeping up with fashion could be as easy as looking to the back of your closet.

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