How To Choose The Perfect Sports Bra For Your Body And Your Chosen Sport


Choosing the right sports bra is no different than picking any other apparel as far as a proper fit goes. Though you may think it to be a difficult task on some days it is easy to find the right sports bra for you if you just take a step back and examine your needs so that you know exactly what to look for before you begin shopping. Different sports bras are made specifically for certain sports and therefore some will have more support than others and of course if you tend to be larger busted you will need more support than someone that is smaller.

Some sports bras are made specifically for high impact sports such as running and aerobics while others may be made for yoga or weightlifting. There are also some that are made for women who are large busted and then smaller busts and everything in between. No matter what your body type or the sport you are involved in there is definitely a sports bra that will be perfect for you. What you must do before shopping is measure yourself so that you have an accurate size to go by and then decide which activities are the main ones you participate in. You may need to get a couple of different styles if you participate in multiple sports. Here are a few suggestions of some of the more popular sports bras available.

One of the best sports bras that is a great all around choice is the Reebok Core Sports Bra which has a very attractive fit and is pretty much good for nearly any body type and most sports activities including high impact sports like running, aerobics, and volleyball. The material it is constructed from is also very breathable.

Another great choice is the Nike Women’s Seamless Micro-strap Tank Bra which is so stylish and attractive that it can be worn as a top with nothing over it. This one features no seems which also means no chafing and rubbing. This one isn’t as supportive as the Reebok bra so it is better suited for low impact activities.

If you are one of the women I mentioned earlier that happens to be a little better endowed in the bust and are in need of the best in support you may want to go with the Hind Women’s Motion Sensor Bra which features a criss-cross shape to give maximum support without putting undue stress on the shoulders that you get from other sports bras that are intended for those with larger busts. The material it is made of is very breathable and attractive and is well suited for all sports activities.

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