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Hewitt & May, a London based shirtmaker represent a time when shirtmaking was at its best. Their dream is very simple – to produce a range of shirts that stand out for the right reasons. They believe that how you dress says everything. And quality is the key to long term satisfaction. Today Hewitt & May shirts are testament to this. Shirts made in the very best tradition. With their own individual style and sophistication.

Handmade, individual and sophisticated, the Hewitt & May Classic V1 shirt captures the very essence of elegant, effortless Englishness.

Worn formally or in a slapdash fashion the Hewitt & May Classic V1 red and blue Eton twill always gets me noticed. Onlookers all ask the same simple question – where had I purchased it? I usually reply, nonchalantly of course, that it was given to me by my rather tall German friend by the name of Hans who said he had found it in a Notting Hill jumble sale. Nowadays, buying a quality formal shirt has become a murky and complicated business. Choice is overwhelming and an endless number of shops indulge in shameless sales and confusing jargon. POW! That’s Prince of Wales in shirt talk for a Prince of Wales collar. In other words it’s a classic city collar. Why didn’t they just call it a classic city collar? Confused? Then I won’t go into what one shirtmaker calls his Tewkesbury and Tuscany range

The Classic V1 shirt, I believe was inspired by the Hewitt & May originals and represents the ultimate in classical formal shirting. Superbly fitted, the Classic V1 is made from the finest Italian fabrics. 100% cotton. Two-fold with high thread counts & tailored to make a striking statement – worn either formally or casually.

Each shirt displays a clever and elegant use of colour. Colour used sensibly. It is the result of Hewitt & May’s tireless imagination to create a formal yet colourful shirt. A creativity which has resulted in the ultimate shirt collection – perfectly in tune with the season’s colour palette.

Of course there are lots of shirt out there but not every shirt is the same. Hewitt & May formal shirts also make me feel great and truly inspired to wear them.

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