Eagle Eye Sunglasses

Put on Eagle Eye sunglasses and you can now be safely outdoors in bright sunlight without exposing your eyes to the harmful rays of the sun. Eagle Eye sunglasses technology was first developed by NASA Scientists and Engineers. Looking to nature for a solution, they discovered eagles have a unique way of protecting their eyes by filtering out the harmful radiation from the sun. It was discovered eagles have droplets of oil in their eyes that filter out all harmful radiation. The oil greatly reduces the scattering effect of light and allows in only the light which increases vision clarity.

Using this knowledge to their benefit NASA scientists and engineers reproduced this oil and incorporated it into sunglasses lens. The Polarized Selective Transmission lens is the most effective lens on the market to stop violet, blue and ultraviolet light from damaging your eyesight. The lens not only stops harmful radiation but also blocks high intensity rays of light from damaging the centralized areas of the retinas. Harmless green, yellow, orange and red light rays are allowed to pass freely through the lens thus increasing image clarity.

The sunglasses known as Eagle Eye Sunglasses have become very effective and popular as a result. Many prominent people wear Eagle Eye sunglasses such as astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell; other prominent Americans George and Barbara Bush, Ronald Regan and millions of other people all around the world.

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