Coach Chelsea Handbags – Coach Makes A Major Move In Luxury Accessories


Coach Chelsea Handbags are the latest and the hottest look from Coach. Coach is making a major move with their newest designs of the New! Coach Chelsea handbags. These bags are certainly going to move Coach into a higher category for luxury accessories.

The Coach Chelsea handbag is a reminder to us all that there is no stopping Coach when it comes to offering luxury at an affordable price to women all over the world. Even though the prices may have risen, it just means that the quality of the bags has evolved. What would you expect with such high-end fashion.

Coach’s Chelsea handbag has a lot to offer the designer handbag lover. The bags look more sophisticated with their more subtle and earthy tones. They are still designed with Coach’s signature styles such as the hobo, double strap satchels, totes, mini shoulder flap, and the swing packs.

The Chelsea Collection starts at $138 for the Coach Chelsea Optic Top Handle Pouch or the Coach Chelsea Optic Signature Swing pack and goes as high as $798 for the Coach Abbey Leather Flap Hobo and even higher for the Coach Chelsea Printed Python Satchel which can be bought for $998. This here ladies is one Bad-A** handbag!

There is good news for the price conscious that do not care to pay full price for these fabulous designer bags. Luckily, there is a place where you too can bask in the glory of carrying such quality. You can save 50%-60% on Coach Chelsea handbags by shopping on specific live online auction sites.

The Chelsea satchels have really taken a turn away from ordinary. You will see that the satchels will be the most popular of the Chelsea line due to the quality of the new designs. With the expansion of the newer styles and materials, there have been a few expansions in prices as well. This has been no surprise to the followers of Coach’s brand. It was to be expected of the line to grow into designing more sophisticated handbags that would keep up with the Vuitton’s and the Gucci’s of today’s designer handbag market.

Coach handbags, including the New! These are sweeping the nation with great success. Women of all ages, backgrounds, religions and classes are joining together to welcome the newest and probably one of the greatest lines in Coach history.

The Chelsea line exemplifies glamour along with sophistication and style. Women who carry the Chelsea handbags show a sense of classiness and self-worth in their demeanor. There is such luxury in the bags, which allows each individual woman carrying it to emulate the bag. Just take a look at the meticulous work that was put into each bag made through its detailed design. The trimming and stitching is perfect in every way.

Coach has stuck to consistency and tradition, but at the same time adapted to more modern times. The Coach Chelsea handbags will lead Coach straight into a path of greatness. The Coach name has been successful for over 60 years now and with it’s continued success will continue to move up the ladder of designer greatness for many years to come.

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