7 Fashion Classics For Autumn 2007


The good news is that black is huge for autumn and winter 2007. Black on black is the big look now and probably would be in the following decades. Has black ever been out?

Here are my suggestions.

Get the backbone of your wardrobe which you can mix and match throughout the season.

1. A turtleneck top which you can wear with just about anything — from jeans to a glamorous evening skirt. That is a timeless classic which you can wear in the years to come with the latest trends of each new year. If you look good in black, go for black. If not, since this is worn close to your face, pick a color that you actually look good in.

2. Get yourself a slightly flared skirt that ends just above the knee. That’s this season’s favoured length for dresses and skirts which happens to be flattering on most women. If you have a colored top, then go for a black skirt. If your top is black, be adventurous and try a plaid skirt to liven things up a bit.

3. Opaque stockings. The go with skirt suits, dresses and your skirts and are seen everywhere on the fall / winter runways.

4. A black skirt suit. Hey, black is the color for the season and skirt suits are back. You can wear that as a full suit, or split it up to wear the skirt with another top or the jacket with pants or any other bottom. If you look awful in black, consider another neutral for your skirt suit. Or if you dare, try red.

5. A pair of jeans that actually fits you and looks great. Go and try on several pairs to find the best fit. Pick one slightly too loose than too tight and have it altered by a tailor to fit you exactly. You’ll find that one of the best investments you can make.

6. One black dress [http://www.cheap-designer-clothing.net/BlackDress.html]. Little black dress or floor length dress, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure it is something you really love and would wear. That would take you through dates and formal functions and for any occasion when you want to really dress up.

7. Ballet flats [http://www.shoes-mall.net/ballet-flats.htm] go with everything. From dresses to jeans, to a skirtsuit to an evening gown. If you can get only one pair of shoes, make that a pair of ballet flats that would go with every outfit. They are a lot more comfortable than heels which make them a practical choice.

The author compiled a list of autumn 2007 essentials at [http://www.buyclothing.net/fall2007.html]

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