2006 Most Popular Summer Hair Styles for Men and Women

Believe it or not one of the most popular hairstyles for summer of 2006 for men is being bald. That does not seem like a trendy hair style I know, however it really is because if you’re not bald you have to get bald and that means you have to cut off all your hair to be trendy you see? So you need some professional to cut it right.

It is important to cut off all your hair properly you need to go to hairstylist to do it to insure that they do an excellent job otherwise you’ll look like a porcupine in a few weeks. You can ask any U.S. Marine Corps soldier in Iraq and they will tell you having a short haircut is vital to survival because it is so hot in the summertime in the Middle East. However many of them choose to go bald, but when you do this you get little prickleys all over your scalp, not only does look silly but it feels weird and it itches something silly. This is why you need to learn about how to go bald right.

For women one of the most popular hairstyles this summer is the hurricane look. One would certainly think with all the devastation and destruction being caused by the tropical Atlantic hurricane seasons in the last few years that the hurricane look would be the last thing that you would want, however the windblown hair look and slightly messed up hairstyles that move back and forth and always seems to be out of place no matter what you do is actually in place at all times because it is the hurricane look you know? I hope you’ll consider all this in 2006 and good luck in your career and in meeting the opposite sex with your most popular hairstyles this summer.

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