Key Features Important In A Flat Iron

Smooth, sleek hair is here to stay it seems. While the length of hair may vary from long to a chin-length bob, it’s still hot to have it smooth and shiny, and that’s where a flat iron comes in.

There are a lot of manufacturers and styles on the market, and I’ve tried many from the low-end inexpensive models to the high-end costly ones. There are some important differences you should know before making your selection and purchase.

Truly, I recommend you spend some time thinking about your lifestyle and personal schedule. Do you have time to let your hair air dry most days? Are you always rushed and need hair that looks gorgeous but is fuss-free?

A variable temperature flat iron will give you some flexibility when styling your hair on different days. Fine-haired women can make do on a lower temperature while coarse-haired women need lots of high heat in order to tame their tresses.

The material of the plates is important. Ceramic and tourmaline are two qualities you may see when comparing packages, both in high end models and inexpensive brands. These materials are smooth and flat, making it easy to run down the length of your hair. The charged ions of the tourmaline iron are also supposed to help you by forcing in extra shine.

Flat irons with thumb locks can be handy, particularly if you travel or have small children around. The thumb lock can keep you safe from accidental burns.

A finger rest, found on the end of the iron, is a must. By using two hands on the flat iron, you can ensure all hair in the section being worked gets the same degree of pressure. You’ll need a finger rest in order to hold the flat iron tight.

Lastly, a swivel cord is a lifesaver, allowing you the mobility you need to move easily around your head.

Julie enjoys sharing health and beauty tips. A great resource for flat irons, curling irons and hair styling tools of all kinds is My Hair Styling Tools.

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