7 Steps to a Beautiful Radiant Face


We all know by now, to achieve beautiful skin, we need a skin regime. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. Sometimes we use a facial mask, or exfoliaters to bring out the best in our skin.

BUT, there is also something very important that we need to do but we always tend to neglect. What is it?

MASSAGE of course. This facial massage is helpful in promoting blood circulation, draining toxins from the face and stimulating the production of collagen under your skin. Bonus is, it also helps to stimulate some acupressure points along the face. Here is a step by step guide for a more beautiful face:

1) Gently pinch your eyebrows between your thumb and your index fingers. Pinch your eyebrows along from the beginning of your brow till the end. Do it for about 30 times or more if you like. This helps to elevate stress at your eye areas.

2) Apply some pressure by pressing along the entire eyebrow with your index fingers. Repeat this for about 30 times. Steps 1 and 2 helps to reduce dark eye circles too.

3) Lightly pinch the little area between your eyes. Don’t press too hard or you will have a stubborn red mark there. The skin here is very sensitive to the touch. This helps to destress tired eyes especially. You can repeat it for about 10-15 times.

4) Make little circular motions on your temples lightly. Let the circular motions be directed outwards, moving from the insides of your temples which are nearest to the eyes towards your hairline each time. Repeat the circular motions for about 30 times to relief stress, the blues and headaches.

5) Slightly part your mouth like you’re saying ‘O’ then press lightly on the cheeks. Repeat this for 30 times and this helps to stimulate collagen production to keep cheeks uplifted and firm.

6) From the sides of the nose, sweep the face in outward strokes with your fingers. Repeat this for about 30 times too. Make the strokes upwards from the sides of your nose towards the cheekbones gently and dont overpull the skin. This helps to drain toxins and water retention. Also, it helps to elevate sinus blockage. For further sinus relief, lightly rub the areas at the sides of the nose.

7) Run your fingers by applying slight pressure along your entire jawline, starting from your chin till your ears. Repeat for about 30 times. This helps to release stress along the jawline. We are usually unaware of how much tension we apply to the jawline as sometimes we tend to clench our teeth unknowingly.

Of course, no beautiful face is complete without the right attitude. Learn how pull off the right attitude at [http://beauty-tyrant.blogspot.com/2006/12/tips-to-be-beautiful-and-glamorous.html]

So, just spend a little as 5 minutes everyday to have that beautiful envious radiant skin, without involving any pain nor money in your pursuit of beauty.

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