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I was a second family for my parents, so they were older than my friends parents. My dad retired when I was still in high school, and then he ate a lot, and sat in a chair listening to the radio all the time. (We had no TV at that time.) He soon died of a massive heart attack at the age of 62. That is not what I want to do in my retirement!

I have already outlived my dad. I inherited his coronary arteries, so I have already had heart related problems, but fortunately, there are procedures and medications today that were not available when my dad suffered from his disease and I work diligently to keep my heart in good condition.

Exercise has been important to me for years, first due to my rheumatoid arthritis, as I found that it kept me more limber and I had less pain. As a bonus, I found that it also kept my looking younger. My parents just accepted the fact that they were getting older. NOT ME!!! I have been determined to fight it and stay as young looking as possible. I do not want to become my parents.

My retirement has been 120% different than my dad’s. I have a totally different outlook on what was once called the “golden years”. I do not want to sit in a chair and listen to the radio, watch TV, or rock on the porch.

After retiring from my job, I started learning about new things, especially the computer, and started a business on the internet. I am slowly learning, as it is all new to me, but I find it fascinating. I am proud that I have been able to design my own website and have it look very professional. I realize that I can keep up with the times. This helps to keep me young.

I love it when I reveal my age, and people are very surprised. That makes me happy to know that maybe I am winning at this game.

I am a “young” 60 something entrepreneur. I do not want to be the “old person” that my parents were at my age. I am staying young by being active and fighting aging all the way. I have developed my website, to help everyone to look young and stay that way. The products come from the French Riviera and are well renown in that area. Karla Buzzell

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