How Long Will You Live?

Our local newspaper has a supplement titled USA Weekend. One recent issue was headlined “How Long Will You Live?” Pictures of 20-some people with their life expectancies accompanied this. Three life expectancies had been determined by using a life span calculator. Two such calculators are available at and

Since I am over 50, I went trough the calculator (the calculator is for those less than 50 years of age).

The calculator turned out to be a series of questions spread over 5 pages. Each page has to do with some part of your life such as Personal, Lifesyle, Nutrition, etc. Some of the questions were what you would expect as they had to do with things such as your gender, marital status, and years of formal education, and how long your parents and grandparents lived.. Others were not exactly what you might have expected, although they make sense. For example, there were questions about stress and how well it you can cope with it, your sleep habits, your proximity to second-hand smoke and whether or not you floss your teeth at least once a day.

Incidentally, from my reading on the subject, the two biggest variables in your life expectancy will be whether or not you smoke and how long your parents and grandparents lived. If you have never smoked or gave it out many years ago and have parents and grandparents who lived into there 80s, chances are that’s what your life expectancy will be.

Information that can help you increase your life expectancy

After you have completed the calculator, the web site will give you your estimated life expectancy. But that was only half the story. Because at the end, there’s a button labeled “Find out how to add years to your life.” Click on this button and you go to a page with advice as to how you can change your lifestyle to live longer. For example, the suggestions the program gave me, if I followed them completely, would add about eight years to my life expectancy.

Can you totally rely on this calculator? Of course not. However it can give you some idea as to your life expectancy and, just as important, what you can do to live longer and healthier.

And while you cannot rely on any of these calculators, you can rely on natural herbs to help you live a longer – and healthier – life. For example, there’s a nut – yes, a nut – that can really help with depression anxiety. And that there’s a really smelly herb that was used by the Greeks for increased vitality that can help people with asthma, bronchitis and restricted airways? Learn more []

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