A New Product for Age Spots and Abnormal Dark Pigmentation of Skin.

Do you wish you could change the dark patches, blotchy or unbalanced tone of your skin – whether it is on your face, neck, arms, legs – anywhere on your body? Are you sick and tired of living every day with sun spots affecting your face and complexion? Do you long to eliminate the liver spots and UV damage once and forever?

Imagine walking around town with your head held high. Imagine having the confidence to proudly show your face again without the unattractive sun damage affecting how you carry yourself. Imagine meeting people and not feeling worried about your skin tone or wondering about what they are saying to their friends?

There is a new product that is more advanced than any whitening cream and won’t break your finances as laser removal treatments may. It is a biological skin care product that does not irritate your skin as a laser tends to. It is not a chemical bleaching cream that can provoke DNA damage or more spotting.

Did you know brown, sun, age spots, solar lentigos or liver spots as they are sometimes called, have nothing to do with how old you are?

There are a wide range of methods to get rid of age spots. There are freezing techniques, skin sanding, and even laser removal surgery methods employed for age spot removal. All of these methods cause superficial injury to the skin which frequently can inflate skin inflammation or even lasting scars.

Laser removal has shown promising results due to reduced healing time but the price tag can sometimes outweigh the advantages. Laser surgery can cost into the thousands of dollars for a full procedure.

Skin bleaching is maybe the most common procedure for eliminating liver spots. Skin whitening can be useful for people with lighter skin tone but irritation can be a little much for people with darker skin when they are based on hydroquinone, a lessening agent contained inside some skin whitening products. Hydroquinone can produce adverse reactions in concentrations of melanin in darker skin which induces more spotting.

We’re here to tell you about a new extraordinary skin care product that brings back the missing qualities of healthy skin, removes age spots and can help you keep your skin healthier for a lifetime. This solution for age spots works for affected people by biologically dissolving and eliminating age spots with biological enzymes. The dissolved components of the skin that are charged with melanin pigment and show up as age spots are returned back into the body and used to rebuild the affected skin area with new, healthy skin cells with normal pigmentation. The latter is made possible by mixing the ingredient with skin renewal activators and enzymes two elements: one is a blocker of melanin biosythesis and the second is an inhibitor of the enzyme that produces melanin inside the skin cells.

Why risk the chance of inflammation or DNA damage with bleaching cream? Do you want to have red inflamed cheeks as a result of laser treatments? Laser surgery can sometimes cost into the thousands of dollars for a age spot removal treatment. Do you really want to spend that much hard earned money when it is possible to spend much less and get similar results?

Skin whitening lotions do not work for everyone. The new product is for people of all skin colors. It is harmless for it can not possibly stimulate more spotting or inflammation since it contains all natural ingredients. There are no dangerous side effects like free radical development or DNA damage associated with topical application of the biological skin care cream. It diffuses and eliminates liver spots biologically with absolutely no dangerous effects that would make you regret your choice of treatments.

We invite you to go to our website and learn more about how our biological age spot removal cream [http://www.abateit.com/agespots.htm] can have you happy to face the world again. Stop worrying that people are talking about your age spots. Stop losing sleep over your complexion and skin tone. Going to our website will provide you comprehensive information about the facts, options, testimonials, and understanding for you to decide what may become your best option to get rid of brown and age spots and your skin tone [http://www.abateit.com/] back to normal very quickly and how to renew health to sun damaged skin [http://www.abateit.com/sunburn.htm] Patrick Martindill.

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