Treat Your Acne With Healthy Diet

“Your food is your grave,” wrote Bernard Shaw. This short, cryptic statement, tells you about the importance of the food you eat.

Notwithstanding lots of research done on the subject, cross sections of opinions, statements and explanations, I wish to tell you one thing very clearly. Acne is outer expression on your skin, the inner impurities within the skin. It is believed that by changing the diet pattern, you can reduce the attacking force of acne. And it does not take a long time for the changes to occur.

It is noticed that by switching over to a plant based, vegetarian diet, amount of sebum present on the skin reduced in an appreciable manner. The level of sebum content in the skin is related to the arrival and presence of acne. Your vegetarian diet helps to defeat acne, within a month, even without medication! Find it difficult to believe? Try this method, before contradicting me!

But be sincere to the procedure of diet, and do not show even the slightest latitude. Even if you take a short break with the diet, the retreating acne is not going to condone you. It will find its opportunity to attack you with renewed vigor. Your acne condition will immediately worsen.

It is not enough that your diet is vegetarian, but you need to be a selective vegetarian. The vegetarian foods that you considered excellent, like seeds, nuts, soyabeans, olives and avocadoes are harmful in the acne condition.

You, with your over zealous scientific approach, may wonder as to what acne has to do with the diet. I have come across many persons, who tried all sorts of medicines, all sorts of treatments, antibiotics, over the counter remedies and home products, but nothing worked.

When such people, switched over to dietary control, the results were immediate and astonishing. For every problem, including the one that is created by your wrong living, the nature has solutions. Only you have to understand and follow the rules of the nature.

The best part of the dietary treatment or the natural treatments of acne is that it has no side effects. When all the impurities within your system are thrown out by the juices, fruits and the seasonal vegetables, where is the scope for blemishes on the skin? Your skin will be acne-free and you will regain the original luster on it.

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