Top Underground Secret To Curing Your Acne That The Greedy Acne Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know


The acne industry is a greedy one. It produces expensive new acne ‘cures’ nearly every week to desperate acne sufferers, yet nearly all acne products are a complete waste of money and only cause more frustration and an empty wallet…

Having suffered from acne for close to 10 years before finding out what really works (more about that in a minute), I have spent thousands on celebrity endorsed cleansers and ‘miracle’ acne pills, only to be disappointed when they failed to work…

I’ve often wondered how these greedy acne companies stay in business when their products really don’t work, and then I realized that they have new customers to market their products to every week, as new people (around the age of puberty) get acne all the time. They would go out of business fast if it wasn’t for this fact, because most people buy their products once and then never re-order…

After trying many of these products (cleansers, pills etc) and having tried every over-the-counter product imaginable, 4 different types of antibiotics, hundreds of different supplements, accutane (!), and countless other acne treatments I was severely out of pocket, a fully grown adult and still had acne!

It wasn’t until a friend of a friend told me about the link between diet and acne that I made some amazing discoveries and my acne started to clear up! The only reason why I hadn’t looked into diet and acne before was because everyone said diet didn’t affect acne. But from my personal experience I found that it did affect acne, and in a big way…

The big acne secret revealed…

Vegetable oil accounts for up 50% of all acne! When I cut this type of oil out of my diet my skin cleared up DRAMATICALLY and since then I’ve completely cleared my skin using diet alone. But why is this such a secret that the acne industry is trying to keep hidden?

Well, because changing your diet costs nothing to do, it is a very unprofitable acne cure. It’s a simple as that!

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