Time Doesn’t Always Cure Acne


One of the biggest misconceptions about acne is that it’s a teenage problem, a short-term inconvenience that will disappear when you hit adulthood. This assertion is nothing more than a myth, and a potentially damaging one at that. Time does not always cure acne. And if you wait for your acne to clear up on its own, you run the risk of causing yourself long-term damage, physically and emotionally.

Untreated acne can and will leave your skin pockmarked and scarred for life, especially with the more serious cases. Cystic acne in particular can render your skin pitted and hollowed out due to how deep underneath your skin the infections in cystic nodules run. But even moderate and mild acne (the occasional breakout of whiteheads and blackheads) can cause tiny “ice pick” scars, which end up looking like dozens of little pinpricks on the surface of your skin.

The emotional damage caused by acne can be just as severe as the physical. Speaking from my own personal struggle with acne, the effect on my self-esteem and self-confidence was enormous. Looking at myself in a mirror, I couldn’t see anything other than my acne. I cut myself off from friends, I refused to leave my house unless I absolutely needed to; I hated the thought of other people seeing me and seeing my acne.

I was forced to live with my acne for a long period of time, throughout my teenage years and into my early adulthood. Time didn’t help me; time is not an acne cure, and pretending that it is means perpetuating a harmful myth. Acne can persist far beyond your teenage years.

Waiting for your acne to go away is the worst thing you can do. Be active in trying to find an acne fighting solution that works for you, be it prescription medication or over-the-counter products. Never give up; there are treatments out there that work.

What I would suggest – and what worked to cure my acne in the end – is using a system that combines a topical cream cleanser with an oral (pill) treatment. In this way, you’re fighting your acne on all fronts. The topical cream works to reduce redness and clear up your existing acne, while the pills take down the infections that cause acne at the source. Your existing acne will be cleared, and you’ll also be safe from the possibility of future breakouts.

Remember, the most important thing to do is take action. Your acne won’t cure itself, no matter what you’ve been told. It’s up to you to do something about it. Safeguard your skin and your mind from future damage and use an acne solution that works.

I suffered from acne for years, but when I found a medication that worked, my entire life changed for the better. There’s no reason that the same can’t happen for you.

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