How I Finally Cured My Acne


I’m sure you have often wondered whether acne can really be cured. You have likely tried the conventional acne treatments, over-the-counters, antibiotics and even accutane. As these failed you will have moved onto the popular online acne ‘systems’ like Proactiv, Murad and Zen Med…

This is the exact route I took on the road to clear skin between the age of 16 and 19, and they failed me too!

Next I tried the famous 3 day cure, which involved fasting on apples for 3 days. This cleared my acne, only for it to return a few days later. It turned out to be impractical to do this fast every couple of weeks.

Between the age of 20 and 22 I tried many alternative treatments including acupuncture, herbalism, homeopathy and some cleansing too. These never worked for me. I was going nowhere fast and wasting my youth with acne whilst emptying my wallet in the process…

Last year I tried all the supplements that are supposed to be good for acne, spending hundreds on them, and virtually all of them did nothing for my skin. I was about to give up…

But then I found an acne cure book that changed my fortunes in my fight against my acne. The information in it was revolutionary to me…

Easily the best thing I learnt was that vegetable oil was a major cause of my acne. As soon as I cut out these oils from my diet, for example, sunflower oil, my acne began to really clear up. Then all I needed to do was apply some of the other things in the book and my skin was perfect.

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