Everything You Must Know About Acne


Acne, formally referred to as the Acne Vulgaris, is a skin disease. It is also commonly referred to as zits or pimples. Acne mostly occurs on the face, and the main cause for acne is that the hair follicles are blocked. However, there are other factors which also cause acne, especially among teenagers. These factors include family history, skin related problems, hormonal imbalance, bacteria and even stress to an extent.

In females acne may be high because of irregular menstrual cycles or an absence of menstrual cycles. There are a lot of products available on the market which claims to cure acne. The thing about acne is if you don’t end up treating it properly, or if you pinch it with your fingers, it may cause a scar or a permanent mark on your face. Many creams today claim that they can remove this acne effectively without harming the facial skin.

Whatever the treatment may be, the time taken for it to be completely cured is at least two to three weeks. There are three different methods of treatment, and while some use antibiotics, others use external applications like cortisone so that the redness in the skin is reduced. In teenagers for whom the acne is caused due to hormones, the doctors may advise them to let it take its course. Even though it is very worrying because this is the most common problem among this age group, and especially because they are at an age where they want to look good, they are willing to try out any products available that claim the acne can be treated in weeks.

The commercial market of acne products cashes in on this urge of teenagers to get rid of their acne immediately, and some of them make ridiculous claims that the acne can be treated within a week, which is often not the case. However, there are some really genuine creams which do help and expedite the process of treating acne effectively. They are also gentle on the facial skin. Before buying an acne treatment product, care should be taken to choose the right one.

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