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Within this article you will find out all about Acne or Acne Vulgaris as it’s medically known, and about recommended treatment that there is available. I will also touch on the different causes of acne, and things you should know about to avoid being a sufferer.

It is the curse of up to 85% of teenagers, and even into adulthood can be an unsightly and embarrassing problem. Some cases like other diseases are worse than others, yet any skin problems like this can alter a person’s outlook on life.

This inflammatory disease of the skin has been around for thousands of years, and is not a modern disease. There are many medical explanations as why acne occurs but at this point I’m just going to tell you about the main one.

Reading different medical articles it is said that the Sebaceous gland becomes swollen, and produces an overdose of something called Sedum. This in turn reacts with the hair follicles of the body, which then create a breeding ground for bacteria to form due to their blockage.

Once the bacteria builds up the end results are spots, or pimples, or zits, or what ever you want to call them. In severe cases they can even turn into cysts.

Most cases of Acne are confined to the face area, yet some can have them all over the top half of their body.

Causes of Acne.

There is a strong case saying that Acne can run in the family history, and if either of your parents had acne there’s a good chance that the off spring will get it as well. Some Doctors can even put in down to hormone levels, and that on the onset of puberty, or the onset of a menstrual cycle can bring on, or make the Acne flare up.

It is also said that stress can play a major part, and that if the individual is having problems with their job, or their love life this can be a major influence.

Other contributions on making the Acne flare up even worse have been put down to things like Anabolic Steroids, or certain medications can also affect.

Chlorine is another one that is said to make matters worse, as any contact with Chlorine will dry the skin causing a dead cell build up, which then block the pores of the skin and cause the bacteria to take over.

One of the largest causes has been put down to food, and the greasier the food the worse the problem can be. Some can have a reaction to things like milk, skimmed milk, and other dairy products.

Over the last few years there has been a building theme to stay away from junk food, and things like french fries, chocolate, and sugar based products can cause the blood sugar to rise which in turn makes the acne bacteria increase.

Treatment of Acne.

The more I read about the treatment of Acne the more confusing it became. Some say that the only way to beat it is by exfoliating twice or three times a day. There are several antibacterial creams on the market, and many Doctors believe in Antibiotics, along with the cream.

What suits one does not suit everybody, and I personally worry about the continual usage of things like antibiotics, and the creams and the potions that are pumped out by the drug companies. The power of the multi million advertising does not always produce the goods, and that the creams and the potions have only a limited success.

One thing that is getting more and more popular, and is getting a very good success ratio is purely based around diet. The ideal diet would be an alkaline one, where foods that are high in acidity levels, like that of meat, fizzy drinks, rice, bread, and sugar based products should be avoided.

You may have looked at that last list and had to take a sharp in take of breath, but the fact is that it does work, and that if you eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables your Acne problems will fade away.

For those who would like to try this type of diet there are many books, and eBooks that go into this with more detail, and can be purchased at most book stores, or on the Internet.

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