Acne – The Causes

When an individual attains his period of puberty, the male hormones present in the adrenal gland of both boys and girls, stimulate the oil glands present underneath the skin. In the usual process, these oil glands lubricate and protect the skin through the openings called pores. But sometimes, the cells that are located near the openings of the skin, block the pores present. In this case the oil content gets accommodated below the skin surface. Therefore, the germs such as bacteria or any other microorganism present in the blood prey upon this oily food. These organisms later on multiply and cause irritation to the surrounding tissues.

Due to the inflammation of skin various types of bumps are noticed. You develop a pustule if the itch persists near the surface. If it gets deeper you get a pimple, which is also known as papule and if it is still deeper it results in cysts. When the pores close with the sebum content on the surface and bulge out, it is whitehead and if the oil gets rusted due to the opened pores you will notice a black colored swelling called blackhead.

The origin of pimples is still unknown. There are still a few issues, which have not been brought to light. Nobody exactly knows why the pores collapse and pack the sebum content within the skin area underneath or nobody has studied as to how this process spreads from one sebaceous gland to another.

The causes of developing adult or teen acne may be mainly due to hormone factor, or heredity, diet factor, vitamin deficiency, stress and much more. It is not at all simple to explain why a disease like acne happens to many of the teenagers.

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