Acne Products-Which are Right for You?

Acne cleansers are just that, a cleanser. Acne cleansers are used to prevent acne. They are not intended to cure acne that has already started. Acne cleansers remove common skin contaminants such as, oil, dirt, cosmetics, and dead skin. Most manufacturers recommend using acne cleansers twice per day. When using a cleanser it is important to realize that there is no need to scrub the face. Scrubbing the face will only serve to damage your skin. The cleanser will do all the work for you, so you should gently clean the skin. After you have used the cleanser you will need to wash off any excess with water. The cleanser removes a lot of your natural skin moisture, you will need to use a moisturizer following any cleansing.

For Acne outbreaks you will need to use a medicated lotion or cream. Lotions are a mixture of water and oil that contain an antibacterial ingredient. At the root of acne problems there is usually a bacterial infection, this what causes pimples to form. The antibacterial agent in acne products will kill the bacteria which in turn will clear up your skin and complexion.

Acne creams are similar to lotions, but creams are designed as a defense against future occurrences of acne. They contain acne fighting compounds that when present will be the first line of defense against bacterial formation and grow. You will use cream products after you have clear up the infections and pimples.

The amount of products on the market today can confuse people, the important thing is to get a product that is made for your skin type.
There are three types of skin oily, dry, and combination. As you search for acne products you will find that they are labeled for each specific skin type. If you are having trouble identifying your skin type you could ask your physician, he will be able to direct you on the right path.

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