Acne Free in 3 Days – Can It Possibly Work?


There is lots of hype on the internet about an acne cure program called Acne Free in 3 Days. But what is it? Does it work? Or is it just another scam acne product?

I used to suffer from acne well into adulthood. I tried everything my dermatologist could offer, and dozens of over-the-counter treatments. These all failed me, so I looked to the internet for a solution. This is when I found a website promising to cure my acne in just 3 days.

Although skeptical I purchased the program and was immediately disappointed…

…I found out that the Acne Free in 3 Days program is simply a 3 day apple fast. This meant I couldn’t eat anything but apples and drink water!

So I tried the fast…

And it actually worked, for a while. My skin was pretty much clear by the end of the 3rd day and I was delighted with the results. However, my delight quickly turned into frustration as my acne came back as bad as ever after a few more days. I read some small print at the end of the program and it said I would have to do the 3 day fast repeatedly, once or twice a month to maintain clear skin…

This just wasn’t practical for me as I lost significant weight doing it only once. I also found the 3 day fast to be very energy-sapping, and couldn’t do anything but laze around the home until I was finished. I couldn’t do this every month as I’m too busy…

So I was once again back at square one – plagued with acne and frustrated. However, I did some more reading into food and acne, and found out that a few foods actually result in acne! This was something I never knew before.

For example, vegetable oils cause hormonal imbalance that result in breakouts. By cutting out foods like rapeseed oil from my diet I found my face DRAMATICALLY cleared up.

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